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Finally A Ray OF Hope:Vivian and Vahbiz Trying To Make Things Work Between Them!


The whole of the Tellyworld was shocked when news of cracks in Vivian Dsena and Vahbiz Dorabjee‘s marriage did the rounds early this week. The couple met on the sets of Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahaani and got married in 2013. The news was really disturbing for their fans , as they have always known to be much in love couple. 

Though both of them are busy with their shows and shoots, they are really making great efforts by taking out time to address personal issues. The two are having long discussions on what matters they want to sort out. Incidentally, their last public appearance together was the launch of Shakti. It seems incompatibility is the main issue. Vivian is introverted and quiet while she is very outgoing and social type. Also Vahbiz hails from a wealthy Parsi family while Vivian is from Ujjain. But this disparity has never really been an issue between the couple.

We hope and pray the couple's efforts of sorting out their personal issues pays off!!!

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