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7 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Your Bridal Makeup! (Take A Note!)


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Dear Bride-to-be,
You are all excited to start a new journey filled with love and happiness. And you have packed your packed, purchased everything that you need  for a new life, But have you looked closely on your bridal makeup? This is the biggest mistake almost all the brides do is to not look at their makeup product. They buy any random stuff that the shopkeeper suggests and end up not even using it once. So, here are #Wedstreetstyle's expert tips you should keep in mind while buying the right makeup for your trousseau.

#1 Shades are important!

Remember do not buy anything that's in trend and doesn't suit you. Always pick the right foundation that matches you skin tone, nail paint that look best on your skin. And never go for anything that's in style. Stay in the safe side pick up things that looks best on your and you can proudly carry it. Also, make sure you test the products before you purchase them, because the colours that looks good on the bottle, may not look good on you.

#2 Pick the best Quality

Most of us have this tendency of picking lot of things if they are in discount. But do not fall in this trap while purchasing bridal makeup. Always look for good quality product that lasts long. Not something that gets expired soon or thing that you are not able to wear again.

#3 Long lasting product

You have to attend functions and ceremonies that last whole day, a smudged kajal or lipstick won't look nice and you won't be able to reapply your makeup. So, opt for products that last longs and doesn't smudge easily. Also, you can even ask the salesperson for the best advice.
#4 Reviews!

Before buying anything and any brand, remember to read it's review. Sometimes reading a review can give you knowledge about what's right and what' wrong for you. So, before you start purchasing, do full fledged research.

#5 Buy what you need

Listen, this is important, don't buy everything in your bridal vanity. Opt for things that doesn't expire soon and you are going to wear not something with the future goal. Before you go out for buying your vanity, make a list of all the products you really need and stick to it. Don't get into the tricks of the shopkeeper as they only want to sell. 

#6 Buy the small size first

This is important, if you are trying a new product for the first time, do not buy a large pack in it. Instead opt for a small size, use it first and then go for the large. This way you can save a lot on your bridal makeup kit. Plus, it's a nice way of trying  to many brands and colours.

#7 Don't shy away

If you think something is not in your budget or you may not need such a big brand in a small product, then don't shy away from asking for the second option. You are the bride, so you have to rule your choices and buy things cleverly that you can use for sometime. 

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