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#HowTo: 5 Smart Tips To Save On Your Wedding Budget!


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Planning a wedding with all the glam and glitz is a costly affair. While you may want everything best and topnotch, it requires a big budget that sometimes over exceeds. But this doesn't stop you from living your dream. So, #Wedstreetstyle thought and jotted 7 smart tips to save on your wedding budget.

#1 Turn Your Stage As Mandap for later

This is a smart tip and save a lot on your budget. If your pheras are at midnight, then turn your stage as a mandap for later. You can save a lot on buying a new space and on decoration. 
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#2 Customize it!

Believe us, there is no point in spending so much on your wedding day outfit which you are only going to wear once. So, one of the smartest way to save on your wedding outfit is by buying a sperate blouse and dupatta and gettting your lehenga skirt customized. 
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#3 Instead of variety, opt for quality 

Believe us, there is no use of adding zillions of items in your wedding menu, your guests are not going to taste them all. So, it's better  to add top food that's loved by everyone in your menu.
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#4 Use the same venue!

Another smart way to save on your budget is by selecting  the same venue for your functions, this way you can get a maximum discount and save on your budget too. Also, they know your style and taste as well.

#5 Do your own Decor!

Instead of hiring a wedding decorator, do your own wedding decor, you can add the personal touch plus all the items can work as a good keepsake. Also, the process will indulge you in knowing your other self.
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