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#BrideAlert: 5 Reasons Why Fighting Is Good For Your Relationship


Couples who fight together, stays Together!
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Dear soon-to-be-brides,
Have you just fought with your fiancĂ© over a small issue? Are you scared that your little fights will increase more after wedding? Well, fighting is an inevitable part of any relationships. And, since, you are about to start a new life with your love, it’s bound to happen. There is something special about the first fights, and if done right it can strengthen your bond. So, read on and know why fighting is actually good for your relationship.

#1 It strengthens your bond!

If you just had your first fight, remember not to lose your calm and say something that leaves a mark on your relationship. If you are arguing on something, understand and express yourself by staying in your lane, and also try to understand your partner’s perspective as well. This way you will gave space to each other and let your emotions flow freely. Believe us, once the fight is over, you will feel closer and a bond will form with trust.
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#2 It will make you both relax

Letting out your emotions in a fight can actually help relax you and give you mental peace. If there is something that you don’t like, talk to them, make your partner understand. Also, keeping your emotions bottled up will leave you anxious and you will easily get irritated. So, it’s better to let all your emotions out once and for all.
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#3 He/she will know what you feel!

Another reason why fighting is good for your relationship is simple, they will know what you feel deep down inside, they will know about your fears. And together you both can work towards it. Your partner isn’t a magician who knows what you like or don’t like. In the process of fight, we get to see the different sides of a person good, bad and ugly. Also, it will help us to know how to handle one another in such extreme situations.
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#4 Your love increases!

This isn’t just a saying, once the fight is over, the level of your love increases. They will pamper you more. You will know the importance of each other in your life. The fight will take your relationship to next level where you will grow together as a person. And will see each other in a different limelight.
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#5 It will help you set your priorities straight

No one wants to fight with their love, but if you get into a fight, remember your relationship will get stronger after it. You will understand each other and it will help you set your priorities. Also, your belief in each other will increase. If you listen  to each other’s perspective you will respect one another more, which is an important part of any relationship. 
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