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BrideGuide: 5 Biggest Photography Mistakes Every Bride&Groom Makes On Their Big Day!


Learn from others mistake, that's the key for happy wedding day. Yes, here are some of the biggest mistakes every bride and groom makes that ruins the memories of their big day. So, we bring you the mistakes to make your wedding day pictures a frame worthy collection (and your photographers life easy).

#1 Not Separating Family Portrait & Couple Portrait
In Indian society, people think that couple pictures and family pictures all can easily be clicked on stage, But wrong my darling, couple portraits are the one that you need to create blending into the environment. So, take time out for family portraits and couple one. These are the pictures that you can frame on your wall. Make it a good one.

#2 Make up Issues!
Please, if you want a good bridal pictures, then hire the right makeup artist. The one you can trust on, discuss with them your looks and the lighting that going to be on stage. If you hire any random makeup artist chances are you might not get what you want. And then blaming the photographer won't help.
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#3 Poor Decor!
Yes, it's another mistake that ruins a perfect wedding shot. Most of the couples do not pay much attention to the decor and put this weird red lights on stage, because of which the natural skin colour doesn't comes out, And all the pictures comes out red and yellow. Discuss with your photographer in advance what decoration will help get the best pictures.

#4 One Photographer Team
All of us does this mistake, both the families hire two different photographer which spoils the whole day and your pheras and shaddi won't be covered the way you want to. So, to avoid this mistake, hire one best team of wedding photographer that coordinated well. And clicks the best pictures for you.

#5 Lighting Issues
While bride and groom put so much efforts in selecting the best makeup artist, latest wedding lehenga but forgets to give attention to the lights. They complete ignore the lighting of many functions which ruins the wedding pictures.
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