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Uh-Oh! Raj Thackeray Condemns Salman Khan For Backing Pakistan Artists On The Ban


Indian Army carried out a Surgical strike against terror camps based in POK on Thursday which led to destruction of many terror hideouts and terrorists. Many Bollywood actors have come out and reacted on the issue. Political wing MNS banned Pakistani artists from India and even the Indian Motion Pictures Producers' Association (IMPPA) has passed a resolution to ban the Pak artists till normalcy returns. Actor Salman Khan was at an event and was asked about his view on the Ban!

Salman had backed the Pak artists saying , "Terrorists and artists are different. Do you think there is no difference between an actor and a terrorist? Actors come here with a proper visa granted by government. They have a proper work permit."

MSN President Raj Thackeray seems to be miffed with Salman's support to the artists. Raj Thackeray asks " Do Artist fall from sky! Pakistan continues to attack our country and we would continue to invite their artist saying that there are no boundaries for artists.What kind of attitude is this? Do we lack talent in our country? They just care about their business and making money!  Salman Khan's tubelight flickers! Instead of Salman Khan backing them, he should have asked them why were they quiet on the Terrorist attack! He should have questioned their silence."

Watch the full video here:

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