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Dear Bride-to-be's, Here Are 10 Things You Should Never Do On Your Wedding Day!


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Wedding is one of the most important day in our whole life, we wait for years and take care of every little details. Though, we know the three day celebrations sometimes become too much to handle. So, here are 10 common things you should never do on your wedding day. Avoid them at any cost!

#1 Never skip a meal
We know in all the excitement you feel like not eating. But EAT! Seriously this is the biggest mistake you can ever do. Skipping meals won't make you thin, it will only complicate things for you, like uneasiness and anxiety. So, do have something in the morning. 

#2 Do not try a new makeup 
If you aren't sure about the new kajal or eyeshadow, do not try it on your main day. There are lot of things that can go wrong, and a makeup blunder is hard to hide. So, remember to avoid trying new makeup products you aren't sure about on your big day.

#3 No Drinking!
If you have a good number of friends who drink like crazy, remember to avoid drinking on your big day. Who wants a hangover while taking pheras. Plus it's an important day of your life, you need to remember it all with your eyes wide open,

#4 No calls!
No matter how important the call is, do not pick it up. This is the problem of our gen, we want to constantly wants to tap the screen of our smartphones. But avoid it on your special day.

#5 Take your beauty sleep
Do not stay up late the night before your big day. Take your beauty sleep, so that you wake up fresh.

#6 Stay Hydrated
Remember, to drink as much as water you can, so that you don't get dehydrated. If you are a summer bride then this is really really important. 

#7 Don't turn into a Bridezilla
It's OK, if somethings doesn't turn out the way you want them to, don't turn into a bridezilla in process  to make everything pitch perfect. Relax and enjoy the imperfections too.

#8 Keep your sisters close
Make sure there is a sister or a best friend with you all the time with your emergency makeup kit. Have someone who you can trust with and rely upon.

#9 The Right Inner-wear
This one is important, most of wear a regular inner-wear but opt for the right inner wear that goes perfectly with your lehenga. 

#10 Don't get emotionally high & blow up
Please, do not blow up if things doesn't go according  to what you planned. Relax and be happy at the thought of you starting a new life. Don't get attached to all the preparations and blow up. No one likes an angry bride. :)

Take our advise and be the Happy bride!

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