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BRIDES! 5 Reasons To Include Statement Rings In Your Jewelry Shopping!


Jewelry shopping can be taxing and also turn out to be an expensive affair. We at Team Guiltybytes think that you can totally rock jewel shopping if you plan it out meticulously. Theres a lot more that you can buy if you have budgets and styles in place. Usually, brides prefer buying gold, diamond or Kundan pieces and end up investing in jewelry that may not be very wearable or re-usable.  How about trying something new this season? We recommend you to add some unconventional elements to your wedding jewelry. Think about opting for statement rings that re super trendy and add perfect glam to a bride's attire. These are trendy, and not so expensive at the same time. In our today's post we will tell you 5 super cool reasons to add these rings in your trousseau.

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#1. Cocktail Ring Complete Your Look:

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Ditch those heavy jewels and wear a statement ring. This piece will compliment your look like no other! You can wear comfortable outfit with your stunning ring. 

#2. It Looks Good On All Style Types

The best part of the statement ring is they blend in with all kinds of outfit whether it is western, Indian or Indo western. Something that a women of all age and body type can carry at all times! 

#3. They Will Match With Your Outfits:

It comes in all colors, sizes and shapes and go well with all outfits! Superbly amazing, Isn't it? 

#4. Beautifies Your Hand And Adds A Touch of Feminism 

As a new bride, a good manicure speaks volumes of your style. When you add a statement ring to your outfit, you add a touch of feminism that makes your mehendi ridden hands look more pretty! Wear a statement ring and grab all the attention.

#5. You Can Own A HUGE Collection Like A Boss:

Statement rings come in different colors, shapes and styles so just when you don't want to spend heck lot of money on chunky neckpieces, earrings then go for these rings. On top of it, you will look like a diva with lots of collection.

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