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Brides! 7 Tips To Buy The Right Lingerie, Because It's Important Too!


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You found your dream wedding dress, shoes that compliments and accessories that coordinates, but still there is something that’s missing. The right lingerie, well many of us do this mistake of selecting a regular fit. It’s a big day and you can’t ruin with wrongly chosen lingerie. So, #Wedstreetstyle team is here to give you some quick tips to select the right lingerie with the right dress. Read on, and start shopping.

#1 Know your Body type!
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Many of us think that lingerie is all about sexy lacy peek-a-boo bras and underwear. It’s more to it; you need to choose the right fit according to your body type. Don’t go for latest styles that’s trending, rather choose something that you are comfortable in. Remember, you are comfortable in what you are wearing under your wedding dress.

#2 Know the right size

You might not know that you are wearing a wrong size bra all your life. Yes, in a study it’s revealed that 70% women wear wrong size bra. So, this one is really important, you need to know your right size to feel right. There are some brands and places that let you talk to professionals and get the best advice.

#3 Do not rush & Buy!
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Remember don’t buy anything that you like at the first look. Try it out; see whether you are comfortable in it. Don’t just see and buy, this doesn’t work a lot. Be sure and then only buy the right fit. And if you are on a wedding diet, make sure to buy your lingerie in the last month.

#4 Sort out the changes & exchange
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This is really common among all the bride-to-be’s, they tend to loose or gain weight before the wedding day because of which your earlier perfect fit gets ruined. So, you need to get it exchanged for this talk to the person in charge, sort out your exchange time, and keep your receipts.

#5 The accessories you need to know

Not many of us know that there are so many accessories that you should add in your wedding, double sided tapes, nipple covers and many more.

#6 Try it out with your outfit

Ok, remember this is really important to try your lingerie with your wedding outfit. So, do take it with you in the trail room, this way you will know the right fit. This way you know how much alteration you need.

#7 Shape wears are must

Many of us have this confusion that shape wears are only for those who have some fat issues. Wrong! If you are wearing a body hugging dress, then shape wears will enhance your figure and make you look on point.

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