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#BrideAlert: 5 Super Easy DIYs To Flaunt A Flawless Back!


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If you love off-shoulders, backless blouses and cholis, then you must scroll down. As we tell you ways to have a flawless back that you can flaunt. Style tip - start pampering your back  at least 1 month before the wedding day.

#1 Scrub it up 

The best way to get a smooth back instantly is by scrubbing it twice a week. It helps remove the dead cells and dirt that collects and makes our skin super sexy. Take a loofah and scrub it on your back, it will make you skin super smooth. 

#2 Moisturize it!

Remember, after a good scrub do not forget to moisturize it. It will make your skin hydrated and soft. Just add a few drops of baby oil to your moisturizer and it will work as wonders to your skin. Also, if you have many day function, do apply sunscreen on your back. 

#3 Sugar and lemon

We have already told you the magical ingredient that can work wonders to your all skin problems. Lemon and sugar can help you flaunt a sexy back easily. Take a lemon and squeeze out it's juice, add a sugar to it and mix it well, Now, apply it on your back and wash it off after 20 minutes. For a better result do it twice a week.

#4 Spa Treatment

Another best way to prep up your back before the wedding day is by visiting a spa. A good oil massage will help you get the look for your big day. If you have a normal skin then remember to opt almond oil massage, it will work best for you, but if you have an oily skin our advice go for virgin olive oil.

#5 Magical Makeup

Please, many of us do this mistake of not applying makeup to the back, remember any skin that's revealed needs a makeup. So, if you are donning layers of makeup on your face, then apply some on your back too. It will make all the difference. 

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