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Dear Future Husband, Things I Want You To Know! (Please, take a note)


Everything I haven’t done, I want to do it with you!

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Dear Future Husband,
My cheeks are red and I am blushing at the thought of writing to you. We are about to tie the knot and ready to make our own world. But, there are things I want you to know, things that are more important than money, big home and expectations. Things every girl wants in their man that they never said. So, here are things I want you to know and keep in mind as we take our vows.

#1 First Let’s be friends

I know we are starting off as a Husband and wife, but I want you as a friend first. I do have plenty of good friends, but I would love to have you as my best friend, to know my secrets and to share my fears. It would be so nice to have you as a best friend first. Life will be lot easier once we become best friends.
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#2 Let’s start it the old school way!

Its old school, but I want you to ask my parents - mom and dad both, whenever we go out on dates in our courtship period. Don’t worry they will always say YES!
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#3 Be there, when I am emotionally high!

Yes, there will be times when my emotions will be high; I am coming to live an entirely different life with you at your place, leaving my mom and dad. In return I just want you to be there when I am emotionally high. We are into this together, so don’t leave me at my worse, be there accept me for what I am.
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#4 Shop with me, Sometimes!

Ok, I know as much as I love shopping, you hate it. Still, I want you to be there and instead of cribbing, give your opinion, when I ask you – this or this.
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#5 Let’s share the responsibility

There is nothing wrong, if we do the household work together. Let’s cook together, clean the house or water the plants because I love it, when you are my helping hand.
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#6 Hold my hand, whenever we are out!

Life is not a fairy tale, but we can always make it one. This one will always spice up our romance; whenever we are out just hold my hand.
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#7 Compliments!

You like it or not, just give some compliments. Especially, when I have spent hours getting ready, I will love you even more for that. Also, you have the liberty to tell me what you want me to wear for the day.
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#8 Accept me, for what I am!

There are some things I want to get straight, I am bad at managing finances, I have flaws, a lot. But I want you to accept me for what I am. Don’t judge me, because I will never do that.
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#9 Date nights

I want to go on date nights with you after we have babies. I want to keep the love alive, so instead of eating at home, let’s go out often and liven up our days.
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#10 Respect my parents, too!

We don’t say it often, but we want you to know that our parents our important, too (just like yours). So, give them the respect I give to your parents. 
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  1. This is so beautiful! I love "life is not a fairy tale but we can make it one." What a beautiful thought!