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OH NO! The Lead Pair Of This Popular Daily Slapped Each Other For Real After An Argument!


The lead pair of Zee Tv's Yeh Vaada Raha Ankush Arora and Sonal Vengurlekar, have always maintained a cordial relationship as co-actors. However, it seems things went south between the duo yesterday leading to them apparently slapping each other. 

There was a huge drama on the sets of the show in the evening yesterday. Ankush and Sonal got into a verbal argument that took turn for worse. As per a source on the sets , “Sonal and Ankush were rehearsing their scenes when the director called for action. However, Sonal who was busy with her lines did not respond immediately. And Ankush grew wild, and spoke in a rude manner to Sonal asking her whether she is not able to hear orders of directors. This resulted in both of them arguing, literally in front of everyone present on the set. Ankush reportedly used foul and abusive language to which Sonal grew wild and slapped him hard. Ankush who got offended apparently returned the favour by slapping Sonal. As per sources, the scene out there got so ugly that Sonal immediately called the police to settle things for her.”

If sources are to be believed, Sonal insisted that Ankush apologised to her in public. And owing to the pressure put by the production, Ankush apparently ended up apologising to the lady. The shoot we hear resumed after the hand shake and apologies happened. 


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