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OMG! Gaia Sofia Hayat Shared This 'Bold' Video On Her Instagram!


Sofia Hayat was the one hotties of the entertainment industry who broke the Internet recently with her pictures when she declared that she had turned into a nun. Now, she is known by the name Gaia Mother Sofia and is loving every bit of it and she is loving her life. Since her transformation Mother Sofia always said that she is very happy after giving up on the moh-maaya of the world. She had a very unique way to tell about her life to her followers as she is very active on social media. She even got an "Om" tattoo on her forehead , right between her eye. We can't believe our eyes!!! Maybe she has found God!

But , She recently shared a video of herself on Instagram and believe me it will make you shock. She captioned it,"NAMASTE. I AM GAIA SOFIA… you think you know who I am. Here is the truth…" 

A video posted by Gaia Mother Sofia (@sofiahayat) on

We are speechless after this video!! Who is she really??? Changed her mind maybe!

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