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SCOOP: Deepika And Katrina Just Can't Stand Each Other


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Everyone knows about Deepika and Katrina's cold war. But it looks like it is getting uglier day by day. They are not only professional rivals but they also share common ex Ranbir Kapoor. A source in DNA spilled the beans and said," Both Katrina and Deepika work at same gym and thought the actresses workout at different times something they have to reshuffle because of events and shooting time. Thir hectic schedules make it impossible for them to stick to their time slots, so they end up the gym at whatever time suits them. But both go out of their way to ensure that they don't land up at the gym at the same time to prevent any awkwardness. So before the actresses head out to the gym, the managers call ahead to check if the coast is clear, and if not then, the plan is changed. They don't want to clash at the gym as their cold war will become obvious to other gym members."


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