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Sooraj Pancholi Opens Up On New Findings In Jiah Khan's Suicide Case!


Jiah Khan's suicide case has got new developements and shocking twists where British forensic expert says that her hanging was staged and her marks on neck and face do not point towards a suicide. When Bombay Times asked about it, he said:
"My case has been media trial since day one. Things have been in the papers  before recahing the court and sometimes in the papers without the court being aware. But enough is enough, if someone wants justice they will get in due time. I hope they get justice, even I want to know what the truth is." 

He further added,"Whenever something good is happening in my life, personally or professionally someone tries to  put me down. It gets difficult. You have to know the truth before saying whatever you feeli like saying."

Jiah' mother Rabia will submit the new developements today in the court.

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