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Splitsvilla Contestant Gaurav Arora Reveals Shocking Details About His Transformation


Gaurav Arora from Splitsviila season 8 is making headlines and everyone is talking about his courage. Gaurav is now known as Gauri and he doesn't give a damn to people 's reaction about the decision. In an interview with Bombay Times he revealed many shocking details about the transformation.

She revealed that she was always attracted to men. “I knew I was a woman from within since my childhood. I was always attracted to men, but my fear of being rejected and subjected to prejudice in society made me suppress my true identity.”

How Splitsvilla changed her life,"I entered Splitsvilla as a straight guy, but came out as a changed person and transformed into a woman eventually.”

He also had a relationship with a popular TV actor when he was a guy. He adds,"I fell for a popular TV actor who came as a guest. I was a fan of his college rockstar image. We spent some quality time together. For the first time, a guy made me feel like a woman. But I learnt that he was cheating on me with another guy . I was heartbroken and quit the show as I couldn’t take the rejection. The good that came out of it was that I decided to become and live as a woman. But he didn’t appreciate my transformation and doesn’t talk to me, even though we go to the same gym.”

Her father was against this decision. "We never had a conversation on this until I came out of the closet on the show. My mother dissuaded me from talk to my father as he wouldn’t understand, but I didn’t pay heed. He severed ties with me. I hope to reconcile with him one day. I cry sometimes as the journey has been really difficult. The medical procedure is so expensive and his support would have made a difference.”

Gauri was mocked but she is proud of her decision,"Kids laugh at me and shopkeepers mock me. Being a woman is not easy . Despite the odds, I am so proud of my decision. I have never felt as strong as a man as I feel now as a woman. I also want my story to reach out to maximum people and inspire those who are battling this struggle."

She is an inspiration! More power to you Gauri!

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