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#MyDulhanDiary: Beetroot Smoothie Month Starts, Recipe, Benefits For Hair And Skin


With just 6 weeks left for my wedding, I am officially opting for a smoothie based breakfast routine. I happened to post a photo of my Beetroot smoothie today on Instagram and Facebook and loved that so many of you wanted the recipe. While many of you asked for the recipe, I had some of you enquire about the benefits of this smoothie and why am I going to be drinking it up! For starters, beetroot has a really good impact on your health. It is rich in manganese, dietary fibre, Vitamin B6, C, potassium, copper, phosphorous, antioxidants which boost your health and treats various skin problems too. Here are some of the best beauty benefits of drinking a beetroot smoothie that by the way I recommend to every woman reading this right now.

1. Beetroot smoothie as body detoxifier & glowing skin:
The presence of betaine in beetroot helps in flushing out the toxins from your body and even prevents the buildup of toxins. Drink regularly a glass of beetroot juice/smoothie and clean your colon, liver and prevent diseases from your body. Since it's iron rich, it ensures your skin glows from within.

2. Beetroot smoothie gives acne and pimple free skin
Its highly rich in skin enhancing nutrients and works well on oily and combination skin. If you get adult acne or PCOS acne then drinking this regularly will prevent pimples and acne from popping up on your skin's surface. The beetroot also has anti-inflammatory properties and works on dark cirlces too. 

3. Fights anemia thus giving you great hair
Darker the beetroot, higher the levels of iron, and if you are iron deficient you might be anemic. So prevent anemia with a help of beetroot juice, it will regenerate the red blood cells and prevent fatigue and will also ensure that you don't suffer incessant hair fall and have great looking locks always. Drinking this magic portion helps prevent dry scalp, hair loss and helps get voluminous and shiny hair.

4. Increases stamina and will help you workout better:
The presence of nitrate in beets is the reason why it prevents fatigue and low energy. This is the best pre-workout drink, that will boost your stamina and keep you hydrated till your workout.

5. Reduces pigmentation and discoloration
It has vitamin C that works effectively in reducing pigmentation and blemishes, and evening out the skin tone.

6. Moisturizes Dry Skin
This ones a great benefit for those who have a combination skin like I do or are more towards a drier skin side. Drinking beetroot renews cells and it also removes dead skin cells thus giving skin a better look. Lastly, it keeps the skin hydrated hence no itching happens. 

Now that you are aware on the great skin and hair benefits, here's how I make my smoothie.


1. Cut beetroot into 2 halves & chop one part into small dices
2. Take half an apple and chop that into small pieces as well
3. For a tastier flavour, add pomegranate (as much as you like) 
4. Finally take coconut water (for it has zero calories) or incase you don't have either then take 1 cup cold water. 
5. You can add ginger for the much needed kick (because of its toning and antioxidant properties, ginger can reduce the appearance of hypopigmented scars).

Add all the ingredients into a blender/mixer and finally top it up with water as applicable and blend it until it forms a smooth paste. You will realize that the smoothie is really pulpy so you can add more water if you want to make it less thick in consistency. I like it as it is and then just pour it into a glass and gulp it down for breakfast! 

Note: Don't sieve the smoothie for best results and you can add kala namak for a kick :)

I have been drinking it on and off but now you'll see me consume this smoothie religiously. You too can start by having it 3 times a week and then gradually increase your intake. Do share your experience :)

 Sip! Slurp! Enjoy!

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