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We Give You 5 Reasons Why You Can Give Baar Baar Dekho A Pass!


Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra’s much anticipated film Baar Baar Dekho has finally released yesterday! The film had been garnering huge attention all thanks to its music and the recreation of the famous punjabi number Kaala Chasma . The lead pair Katrina and Sidharth brings freshness to the screen and they have really tried to show great chemistry between them at all their promotions and press conferences!

Team Guiltybytes was dying to watch the movie given the hawt pair's chemistry and the fan following. But have been regretting the decision ever since we are back from watching the movie! the funniest part is despite the evident promos, Sidharth has been denying the fact that Baar Baar Dekho is a time travel movie! Maybe he was confused but we can't blame him as so are we! The movie is infact a huge disappointment and even the songs couldn't save the ship from sinking. 

#1 Their Chemistry 
Right from the word go the movie lacked that much expected chemistry that both Sidharth and Katrina portrayed in magazine covers. But their love story lacked that fire. We were rather expecting that this new jodi might just be teh "IT" jodui of bollywood, but we were proved wrong. Jai and Diya failed to build the connection with each other and the audience. failed to connect with us. Infact most of the times it felt as if Sidharth was holding himself back(maybe thinning of Alia too much)!

#2 Time Travel Failure
We have see many time travel movies mostly hollywood and love the concept. But this movie failed to build a continuity due to the fact it keeps swinging back and forth between  past and present making our heads spin! Though we did feel the movie was hugely inspired by hollywood movie CLICK!

#3 Ineffective Script 
Even Amir Khan was couldn't stop raving about the script of this movie! But sadly we beg to differ. 
there was nothing ground breaking or par excellence about this film as being promised, despite it being a production of Karan Johar, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani. 
Where is the plot ?

#4 Confusing Storyline
The movie missed the plot ! The whole movei is based on a dream that Jai (Sidharth) sees a day prior to his wedding to Diya (Katrina) . The movie storyline just like its script lacked logic and is full of confusion since it keeps juggling between the past and the present making the audience wishing it would all stop!

#5 Head Banging Ending
If you thought the story line was a mess wait till you see the end! To endure 2.5 hrs of torture shuffling between past and present only to know later it really all was a dream!!! Clearly the writers must have reached a point where they decided to outdo their own foolishness. The only saving grace was the song Kaala Chasma that came in the end! 

One Advise: Ek Baar Bhi Mat Dekho To Chalega!

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