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Oh No! Dino Morea Breakups With His Girlfriend Of 10 Years!


We have to agree that 2016 is not good for relationships in Bollywood. After Ranbir Katrina, Sushant and Ankita, Farhan Adhuna, Arbaaz Malaika, now it looks like Dino Morea also joined this league. As per a report in Mumbai Mirror Dino Morea and Nandita decided to end their relationship. Nandita is on a solo vacation and according to her friends she is finding out what went wrong. They dated for almost a decade.

Reportedly, Dino was ready to take the next step in their relationship but Nandita was not ready. Due to this, and other reasons the couple decided to part ways.

We are so sad! We wish they sort out all their differences. Because we don't want any more break ups!! 

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