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4 Ways To Keep The Romance Alive in Marriage! (That Doesn't Involve Date Nights)


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Once we tie the knot, keeping romance alive in a relationship becomes a task in itself. There are days when you feel exhausted, out of your mind and you just don't feel like talking. This doesn't mean you love your partner any less, it only states one thing that you are tired of the daily routine and need a break. So, we thought to give you some easy ways to spice up your romance in your marriage and we aren't talking about date nights. Note it down!

#1 Make house work interesting!

House work are the byproduct of marriage, you just can't escape it. So, instead of doing it alone, include your partner in it too and  turn it into a romantic activity. Confused? How house work can turn into a romantic activity, well take our advice, instead of going to super market alone or ordering things online, take your partner with you. While we know it's not a romantic place to be in, but it will help you understand each other in a better way. Don't take it as another responsibility rather take it as an opportunity to know each other.
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#2 Cook Together!

Whether your partner knows cooking or not, doesn't matter, call them in often, make it a habit to cook Sunday breakfast together. It will be a fun experience and you will get to laugh together. And the couple who laughs together, stays together. So, put on some music, take out the wine and have fun while you cook love. :)
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#3 Sleep-in dates 

There are days when you don't want to dress up and go out to have a great romantic night with your partner rather you want to stay in your comfy pj's and watch TV while eating pizza to re-visit your single days. Do it as a couple. Yes, wear your comfy pyjama or let's say his shirt and rent out some movies you can watch together. It's a great way to fall in love all over again (this time without the intention of impressing them with the looks).
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#4 Connect whenever you can!

We know texting and staying connecting over text is impossible because of your busy schedule. But, try and stay connected often, do drop in an occasional text message or give him a sneak-peak of what you are going to wear at night. Or tag him on something special you found out online. 
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