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7 Easy Ways To Get Super Fit Before Your Wedding! (And We Aren't talking About Dieting)


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Dear brides-to-be,
We know by now you have tried every diet, gone to every gym to loose those extra tummy fat, but everything got into vain. As you are never able to stick to it. So, we thought to make your life easier, here aresuper easy ways to loose some pounds without doing a crash dieting.

#1 No more sweets!

If you want to loose those extra pounds and look sexy into your wedding lehenga, stop your sugar craving right away. We know-we know, how difficult it is to not get our hands on the yummy dessert, but you have to do it. So, here is a hack while you get those cravings carry a healthier snacking with you every time you go like - nuts, dark chocolates, fiber biscuits etc.

#2 Fitness Apps!

The revolutionary fitness app is another great way to remind you to drink regular water to get the glow, to encourage you to start your workout, it will also help you to calculate the number of steps you walked. So, do install a fitness app in your mobile and make your weight loosing sessions easier.

#3 Little hacks!

Another great way to loose those extra killos are simple changes in your lifestyle like take stairs wherever you can, get up from your seat after every 45 minutes and stretch your body. Walk to the nearest grocery store instead of taking rickshaw or walk the distance between the parking and the store. 

#4 Walk-walk-walk!

If you don't have time for regular gyms or you are too lazy to workout your asses, then just take regular 20 minutes morning walk. This will alone do the trick and help you loose that extra fat. If you can't wake up at morning, no problem just take an evening 20 minute walk. Add this in your schedule now.

#5 Dance classes!

Another easy way to loose weight is by joining a dance class, This way you will get the moves to rock your sangeet night. Also, you will not only loose some calories but it will also help you to relax your mind.

#6 Sleep well!

It's proven when you sleep less, you not only get dark circles but also gain weight. So, sleep on time and avoid those midnight hunger pangs. 

#7 Say no to stress

Yes, stress can lead you to eating more. So, remember not to get stressed out, meditate or relax or take a spa treatment. Make your last single days a fun experience and don't turn into a bridezilla. 

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