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#BrideGuide: 5 Fashion Tips You Need To Know For Your Wedding Night!


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Finally you have tied the knot and are ready for some alone time with your man. We are sure you might be running high on emotions. Here are some 5 fashion tips you should know to have a smooth wedding night. Note it all, and thank us later!

#1 Moisturize once you remove all the jewels

You must be decked with lots of jewellery from heavy bangles to rani haars. Make sure to carry Vaseline or moisturizer with you while removing the bangles. Once you remove the necklace and other jewellery make sure you properly moisturize so  that there is no bruise or rash.

#2 Safety Pins!

To keep your wedding outfit in place you will be decked with lots and lots of safety pins. So, make sure you remove all the major pins so that your outfit doesn't gets ruined as you have spent some fortune on it. Also, you might want to re-use it.

#3 Change into Something Sexy!

Remember it's night, we know you are tired of all the ceremonies and hectic day. But do change into something sexy for the night to tease your man a little. It will automatically spice up your night time.

#4 Some cute PJ's 

Yes, you can't wear a sexy lingerie all night. So, do pack some cute breathable pj's that you like and your man can go crazy over.

#5 And a silk robe, too!

Remember to keep the silk robe to, while you are packing your stuff you can slip into the silk robe with sexy lingerie. Your man will not resist himself. 

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