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5 Arguments We All Have With Our Fiance! (Don't Worry, Just Relax)


Dear Brides-to-be..
Marriages are not easy by now you might got a glimpse of it. But don't get your heartbroken, every girl has these little arguments with her fiance and future husband once in the courtship period. All you need to know is that things can work out with little understanding and lot of patience. So, here are 5 fights we all have with our fiance.

#1 He Always listen to what family says!
OK, you will surely feel this once in a while. If your man-to-be only listens to his family and their needs and overlooks your concerns then this can surely lead  to a big problem. Weddings need a lot of planning and family advice are always needed, you just can't ignore it. But don't fight on these little issue, make each other understand what your idea is and communicate well, So, that you guys establish a bond that no one can brake.

#2 No interest at all!
There are days when you are blabbering about your shaddi attire, food, decor and every other little detail and he show no involvement in it. Well, it will surely lead to a big argument. So, instead of blast him with your emotions, sit with him, discuss what you feel and tell him about what you always dreamt off, We are sure he will understand.

#3 NO Exes!
Yes, no matter how what intentions are behind inviting your Ex. This will surely create a problem between you two. So make sure you don't invite your exes to the wedding no matter what. However, if you have been friends with them way longer then the case might be different. But inviting your exes can ruin your big day. Our advice talk it out with your partner.

#4 Money matters!
Money matters are delicate issues and if not handled with care can lead to serious misunderstanding. So, discuss out before and plan accordingly on who will spend on what. Remember to avoid any money issues as it can turn into an ugly fight.

#5 Honeymoon Issue!
This is common and almost all the couple face it (unless you have a really understanding partner), Everyone  wants to visit their loved location which turn out as a fight. So, sit down and relax, understand your partner and got on a mutual conclusion.

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