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5 Ways To Look Awesome In Your Wedding Photographs!


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Accept this, once in a while we all dream about our wedding day even before we meet our Mr. Right. Hence, we all want to look drop dead gorgeous to freeze those memories and make it frame worthy shots. So, #Wedstreetstyle team thought to give you 5 tips to look awesome in your wedding day photographs. Believe us, these tips will make you look prettiest in all the wedding shots.

#1 Perfect Smile!
Remember to visit your dentist and opt for the teeth whitening sessions. It's necessary for both bride and groom to flash those pearly whites. It will boost your confidence and give you perfect smile all through the night. Also, remember to get it done before couple of weeks. 

#2 Straight Pose!
Remember to always strike a straight pose. When you stand straight for pictures, they automatically turns out the best. So make sure to always roll your shoulders back and push your chest out a little and get the best click.

#3 Give proper attention to hand and feet
You might have to pose for many candid shots which focus on your hands and feets so make sure to keep it moisturize and manicures and pedicured. Because no one wants a cracked heel picture in their wedding album.

#4 Take Pictures at makeup trials
We are sure all the soon to be brides had pre-booked their makeup and hair trials. While you go on those trials make sure you click lot of pictures and selfies in natural light and artificial light. So, that you get the best of your look for your big day.

#5 Avoid Double Chin
There are pictures that we never want to show anyone because we notice the double chin look, while it's not really there. So, make sure to elongate your neck and rise your chin up before the flash goes off. This trick will give you a defined and narrow chin. So, no more double chin.

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