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5 *Cute* Traditions From Around The World To Make Your Wedding More Special!


Indian weddings are blend of traditions and rituals pass on to us from decades. However, these days weddings have become more of a status symbol and less personal. So, we thought to introduce 5 cutest tradition from around the world to make your bond more strong with your partner. After all you are starting a new life together, how about adding some new traditions, too.

#1 Love Notes
Write a love note to each other before hitting the stage, and ask your cousin or friend to act as a messenger. You can even sent a small thoughtful gift along with the note that you remember for long. Follow this tradition on your every anniversary and keep the notes safe and bind it together. It will be a lovely start to your happily ever after.
#2 Messages/Letters from the guests
Ask your closed ones and the guests to write letters and notes giving advice and their sweet messages,, and keep it in a cute box safely. And open it only after 5-10 years, It will be the cutest keepsake from your wedding to relive your life changing day as husband and wife.
#3 Wedding Vows
It's a tradition from the West, but we love it. Say your own wedding vows on sangeet or ring ceremony. Incorporate things you want to promise your partner for life. And redo these vows after 5 years or on every anniversary Make it a ritual your children would love to see. 
#4 A memento from your relationship as GF/BF
If you are having a love marriage, then send a memento from your relationship, it could b thee diary he gave you on the first date to pen down your love story or a key chain that states your name. Sent it with a cute note to your partner before the ceremony. We are sure they will be stunned to know you saved it.
#5 The last date before you become Mrs.
How about having your last date before you become Mrs. of your Mr. Or simply do something fun  together before the wedding day that signifies the start of your love story and you remember forever. 

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