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Brides! Here Is How You Can Do Your Own Makeup According To Your Face Shape


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A little makeup can do wonders to our entire look, and for a bride-to-be it's one of the important part to oomph her style. With the right choice of makeup you can not only enhance your best features but also it will make everyone go WOW. So, for all those who are doing their own makeup #Wedstreetstyle team tells you some quick tips to do salon like makeup at home according to your face cut. 

#1 Oval Face

Oval face ship is the ideal face to try almost every type of makeup. If you have high cheekbones and narrow, darling you are blessed with oval face shape. Cheer up, as you don't need to put in lot of efforts. Just draw more emphasis either on your lips or eyes, but never on both.

  • Eyes - Play with your eyes makeup, don't go for same type of liner or kohl. Experiment between winged liner to smoky eyes or simply pop up your eye lids with soft colours like mint green or pale pink. For a more defined look, apply kajal on the lower lid and liner on the upper. Give it a final touch by apply masacara to add volume to the lashes.
  • Lips - For all the oval faced brides avoid using too bright colours on your lips. Always and always use liner before applying any lip colour to give a defined shape to your lips. Opt for peach pinks, or cherry red. 
  • Cheeks - Oval face shape has high cheekbones, so avoid using too much of blush on it. Another style tip if you want to cut the length of your face then apply foundation one shade darker to your skin tone. Use bronze or rose colour blush in up-sweep motion.from apple of your cheeks towards the temple. 
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#2 Round Face

If you have naturally soft, fuller cheeks then my dear you are beauty with the round face. This face shape is considered the prettiest, but one has to put in some efforts to make every feature stand out. Play with softer tones to enhance your features. Plus point you don't need to buy bunch of products to bring out the best in you.

  • Eyes - For the women with the round face focus more on the eyebrows, use a brow pencil to emphasize your naturally arched eyebrows. But remember not to disturb the natural brows. Use softly smudged eyeliner for lining your eyes. And use a darker shade of eyeshadow and the outside of your eyes. Also, the best liner technique that always works best for you is a bold winged liner look.
  • Lips - Brides with lighter complexion should pick pink peachy lipsticks, while brides with darker complexions should opt for lustrous nudes. Also, choose lipstick that have cream in it.
  • Cheeks - Remember do not apply blush on the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion. Apply the blush from under your cheekbones to get the balance.  After you apply your regular blush, use a highlighting peachy pink blush. 
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#3 Heart Shaped Face

Look closely in the mirror, if you have a wider forehead and a higher cheekbones and a much narrower chin, then love you are blessed with the best heart shape. But while applying the makeup you need to balance out the forehead and the chin.

  • Eyes - To make your eyes the focus point, opt for a darker shade liner, but remember to blend it well for the naturally soft  touch. Also, never ever go to overboard on your eyes, as too much eye makeup will make your eyes look smaller and who wants that. Opt for soft eye shadows like soft pinks or beige to pop up some colour.
  • Lips - The bold lip colour is made especially for you to embrace. Also, it makes you chin appear wider. So, go on buy all those fuchsia pinks and hot reds for your bridal trousseau. 
  • Cheeks - You don't need to apply too much blush on your cheekbones. So, simply sweep little blush directly under the apples of your cheeks to the cheekbones and blend it well at the hairline. Use delicate pink shades.
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#4 Square Face

If you have a square face, you should do makeup in a way to round out your jawline for a softer, feminine look.

  • Eyes - Square face should opt for a smokey eye effect, use a dark eyeshadow from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer edge. Use darker shade of mascara to uplift your face. Use an eyeshadow in a circular motion to get the flattering look. 
  • Lips - Remember a square faced bride should always try and draw more attention to the lips with dramatic lip colours. Blend lightly to outwards for the softer pouty lips. 
  • Cheeks - Apply highlighter on the chin to draw attention away from your jaw. Colours that works best for you are pinks and peaches. Also, make sure to blend it well.
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