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5 Tips To Convince Your Parents To Meet The Guy You Chose!


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Remember, it's easy to fall in love and choose the guy you want to grow old with, but it's hard to break the news to parents. So, If you had chosen the man of your dream, and are scared to tell your parents about this one person you want to spend you entire life with. Here are 5 tips that will convince them.

 #1 Don't rush it off!
Don't try to rush things in your relationship and jump to the next step. Make sure you are sure about your choice, tell your parents only if you know that he is the right guy for you. Don't rush things and give them the shock of their life, rather take one step at a time. Have  a detailed talk with your partner whether you both are sure to handle each other at your worse and  then take the step to break the news to your parents.
#2 Call in for Sibling HELP!
Remember how your siblings always saved you from your parents scolding when you got less marks. Yup, that's right they are always there no matter what, so first break this news to your siblings and then ask them to convince your parents. And if you have elder siblings it gets more easier. 

#3 Introduce him as Friend first!
You can't go to your parents and tell them you want to marry this random guy (Yes, for them he is the random guy). Take step by step, introduce him as friends first, make sure whenever you mention your friends he is on the list and on top. Tell your parents what he made you learn and all the little things. 

#4 Wait for the right TIME!
Please don't break this news on one of those hectic days, before you tell your parents about this big decision, make sure they are in a happy mood. They are ready to have one of those talk it out sessions. So that this discussion doesn't turn into a WAR.
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#5 Mom or Dad? 
Once you decide to let loose the goose, another question that comes up is who to tell first. Well, it's simple tell the one you are more friendly with, the one who you can confide in. Or if you are comfortable with both tell them together. Just make sure you break the news when they are calm and relaxed. 

#6 Don't get too FILMY!
Your life is not a Bollywood story, so no use of getting all dramatic and telling your parents 'you can't live without him' and all those stuff. Rather act mature, tell them the reason why you  chose him, what makes him best and how you fell. Convince them that he is a mature man and not a boy and you are ready to live a life with him.

#7 Question Spree
Believe us, after listening to all those your parents won't get satisfied, they will ask you zillions of questions some that might irritate you. But it's OK, they are your parents you are bound to answer it all. Don't get defensive and offensive at all this. Take it as a test in which you need to score 100/100.

#8 Why you chose HIM!
Don't shy away now, tell them all the 'whys'. For your parents you will always be a kid, so they get bit scared when this news comes up, but believe us they will agree once they understand you are right. So, don't worry listen to them and their doubts. Listen to all the negatives and don't expect a YES instantly. Let your parents digest this fact and act maturely.
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