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10 *Super Awwdorable* Pre Wedding Couple Shoot That Will Make Everyone Fall In Love!


Pre-wedding shoot is the latest trend that almost all the couples are following. After all it's the best way to get your love story started and to make the bond stronger. While we were doing our regular research to give you the best of wedding trend, we stumbled upon some really cute shoots that gave us chills and made us fall hard. 

#1 The sweet story of Army Wife-to-be Devina & Jitesh depicted in this one frame worthy picture.

#2 The love-struck couple Ayushi & Siddhant look adorable in this woods shoot captured by Cupcake Productions.

#3 Another beautiful couple that took us back to the era bygone, we loved how they showed their love.

A photo posted by (@wedmegood) on

#4 Ever thought of making your first painting with the one you are about to tie the knot and get it captured? We loved this fun photoshoot that did the same.

A photo posted by Sam & Ekta (@sam_and_ekta) on

#5 There are some pictures you need to create and then there are these that need no effort, the love flows on it's own. 

#6 If you always wanted a story straight outta fairytale then here is the one created by Cupcake Productions.

#7 Here is one that took our heart away, the love in the boats captured beautifully by Sam&Ekta

A photo posted by Sam & Ekta (@sam_and_ekta) on

#8 This pre-wedding picture shows the perfect love between the two while they both cared for their Pooch. 

#9 The re-creation of famous Bollywood posters that surprised us this week and also made us super dupe excited!

#10 ow stunning is this drone pre-wedding shot by @hitchedandclicked. 

Which picture took your heart away and made you go Awww, do tell us in the  comments below..

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