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7 Lipstick Rules All Brides Must Keep In Mind To Get Prettiest Smile!


Dear Brides-to-be,
By now you must have prepared well for your big wedding, discussed yours look in advance with your MUA and you might be waiting for your big day to arrive. Well, Wedstreetstyle team tells you 7 lipstick rules that will help you all life to get that pretties smile. Read on!

#1 Don't over line your Lips!
Remember girls, while you might think it's a smart way to make thin lips look fuller, but at times it gives wrong impression ruining your complete look. So, the first rule in Lipstick rule book is never over line lips, just stay with the natural looks and embrace it how they are with right colour choices.

#2 Bold Lips, keep  the rest simple!
By this we mean, never ever go for a bold lipstick with equally dark eyes, rather keep the rest of the makeup neutral. Highlight one feature at a time, it will make you look more beautiful, so keep the balance. As unbalanced face with lot of highlighted feature, never look amazing. 
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#3 No glitter lipstick
Gone are the days, when everyone used to highlight their lips with glittery lipstick and shiny glosses. Now-a-days matte and cream based lipsticks are ruling the world. While, you can still opt for  subtle shimmers but not for all glittery ones. 

#4 Don't go overboard
While you think of highlighting your lips with bold colour to enhance your overall look. Overdoing it with layers of coats can result in leak out or might get on your teeth, making you look messy. So, the best solution is to go easy with the coats.

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#5 Right Colour!
Fuchsia Pink looks great on fair skin but it might not look as good as on other skin  tone, there is a reason for it, all colours are not made for all people. You need to spare some time and know which tones look flattering on your and which are the tones you need to stay away from. 

#6 Primer!
Remember before you start filling your lips with lip colour always use high quality primer, to make your lipstick last longer. It also helps in keeping the lip colour in place. And in case you don't have a primer, don't worry just dab a little powder or foundation on your lips.

#7 Use Brushes to line your lips
If you want to have a defined lips then always rely on lip brushes. MUA's always use brushes to line the lips as it gives the perfect smile. Also, there is a rule to highlight your lips, you need to start from the center and move outwards. This is the right way to eliminate any errors.
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