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BrideGuide: 7 Wedding Invitation Mistakes Almost All Couples Make!


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While we all want everything pitch perfect for our wedding, invites are a special part that gives a sneak peak into what the wedding is going to be like. We all want to woo the guests with an amazing invite that they remember for years. So, in midst of all this there are some really common mistakes almost all the couples make. And as they say learn from others, #Wedstreetstyle team listed out 7 mistakes  you should all definitely avoid.

#1 Extra Invites
Most of us make this mistake of not printing extra invites in the first slot. Once you distribute all the invites and then after a month you realize you need some more invites, then the printer will cost you lot more (the cost can be 4 times regular than the actual cost). So, make sure you order extra invite so that you don't have to pay so much.

#2 Time
Weddings in India are never timely scheduled. if you invite your guest for a 9 PM sangeet, they will by default arrive at 10-10:30 PM. So, it's always better to write an hour before, so that your guests arrive on time. 

#3 Heavy Invitation Boxes
Another mistake most of the couple make is getting customized heavy boxes knowing that most of your guests are out of town and you need to send it via post. Though these heavy boxes looks super pretty and regal. The postal charge can cost you a lot.

#4 Proof Reading 
And here is the most common mistake, sending someone who proof reads the invite in a rush. Never ever make this mistake. It's not only embarrassing but it can also ruin the whole invite. So, always-always proof read your invite before the final printing.

#5 Favors! 
Remember to choose wedding favors keeping weather in mind. You can't give chocolate in midst of June, it will melt and spoil the look of the box. So, while ordering for favors, make sure you consider the weather also.

#6 Printing invites in HURRY!
Make sure you give your final design atleast before 5 weeks. So, that you get all the invites on time and you distribute it in the 4 weeks before the wedding.

#7 Address Tags
Another common mistake almost all of us do is forgetting to order the address tag. While your invite look gorgeous with all the cuts and colour. Forgetting the address tags adds on to the problem. So, our advice ask your stationer to give you plain white wedding tags that can be stick on the plastic wrap above it. 

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