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Brides! Here Are 5 'One-Minute' Beauty Hacks For The Instant Glow!


We all want that radiant natural glow from within on our wedding day. don't we? While, you will be blasted with advises about how to get one. Here we are telling you some simple beauty hacks to get you glowing skin for your big day  that too in just one minute. Sounds unbelievable, but try it out yourself.

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#1 Concealer with Moisturizer

If you are going out with your man-to-be for a dinner date and want an instant glow that makes him go WOW. Just mix a concealer that's one skin tone lighter than your skin with a face cream or moisturizer. Now, blend it  thoroughly on your brows, forehead, under your eyes and nose. This one minute beauty hack will definitely give you instantly glowing skin.
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#2 Facial Oils 

One of the magical remedy to look radiant is of using facial oils, They help in nourishing the skin and makes it smoother and softer. But when it's mixed with makeup, they give you the desired glow you are looking for. Apply  foundation on  the brush and add 2 drops of facial oil to it, now blend it on your skin.  This will give you a natural shiner skin.

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#3 Balm For Tired Skin

Your simple basic lip balm can do wonders to your skin, so when you think your face is looking tired in midst of shopping dates with your soon-to-be-in-laws. Just take a little bit of lip balm on your fingers and pat it along your cheekbones and brow bones in a half moon shape.You will get the glow!

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#4 Rose Water for the Rosy Glow

If your skin looks matte once you apply the foundation, then here is one super simple trick- take rose water and spray it directly on your face from a distance. Use your hands to pat it dry, and get instantly rosy  glow for your big day,  It's another great idea to to try in Summers when you skin looks dull.

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#5 Highlighters!

Many of us do this mistake of applying highlighter all over our face, well it definitely works but it doesn't makes your skin glow rather it just makes it shiner. Here is the right way to use highlighters for the glow. Apply highlighter on the high points of your face like cheekbones, nose and temples. Remember to blend it well to get the perfect natural glow.

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