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What To Wear To A Concert And Some Style Tips!


With Coldplay concert happening in November along with major events in my life- I just can't wait for this month to happen already! Having said that, I am really bummed about not being able to make it to the Coldplay concert but does it stop me from dressing up for it? Well, I guess not. Whether you are a Bon Jovi girl or a Coldplay fan, I have covered an outfit for you that is concert appropriate (in India at-least) and looks just as casual as the event scene. 

The only few things that I did consider while putting together an outfit is that a concert ready outfit should aid movement to your body for dancing and having a great time, from being able to jump around the places and if the concert is in the open grounds or stadium arena then help you keep safe and yet look your stylish best. Well before you begin to scroll down on my OOTD just take my advice and invest in timepieces that will help you track your evening but are also statement making. Casio India's SHEEN collection is one to look out for and the watch that you see me sport fits the whole concert vibe like how!

Denim Shorts- Zara
Black t-shirt- Marks and Spencer
Plaid Shirt- Pepe Jeans
Choker- Carma Online
Watch- Casio India

Honestly, if you ask me then there is a hugeeeee difference between dressing up for a concert in  an outdoor location and having a ball at a dance party in a club. Concerts in India involve lots of walking through areas that are uneven and I can tell you this from my experience of attending lots of International and Indian artists performing in Delhi-NCR. Avoid wearing any type of heel in Capitals— not only are they impractical, but you'll also feel extremely tired moving around in those. 

Denims shorts are a great bet to add the rocker chic vibe and look stylish at the same time. A solid coloured t-shirt is an effortless way to style your denims and you must carry a cover up or a plaid shirt to layer yourself up if required or wear it around the waist just like the 90s style. A choker takes me back to the Spice Girls Era and I love how it works well with the concert OOTD. The outfit is always complete with a statement watch and Casio Sheen collection's all black mineral glass finish watch embedded with cut glass crystals all around the bezel makes for a great concert outfit accessory.  Love the Swarovski elements embedded in the watch and yes you can take a look at it Here.

So girls, get ready to rock that concert and don't forget to share your fav concert style with me in the comment box below!

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