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"Why Hrithik's Father Has To Come To Rescue Him" Says Kangana Ranaut On Rakesh Roshan's Statement!


Kangana Ranaut was recently spotted at the the launch of Chetan Bhagat's novel. First she chose not to speak anything about her legal tussle with Hrithik Roshan publicly. But eventually she couldn't refrain hersrlf from speaking about it. Few days back Rakesh Roshan said in a statement," If Hrithik oprns up, the truth will shock everyone".
So when Kangana was asked about her thoughts on this. She said,"Why can’t men stand up for themselves. He is a 43-year old man. I just can’t understand why his father has to come to rescue him from all these small controversies. I don't understand why these men have to hide behind their influential fathers. Its a simple controversy in showbiz, why dad's have to always save their sons, i don't understand this! "

We are waiting how Hrithik will react on this. 

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