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6 Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning A Winter Wedding!


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Attentions all the winter Brides! While you dream about your perfect wedding in a romantic chilly weather. Though it serves as a perfect gateway to the wedding you always desired. There are lots of things every bride needs to keep in mind while tying the knot in winters. Here are few things you need to keep in mind for a hurdle free winter wedding.

#1 Venue

If you are tying the knot in the colder months, don't choose a farmhouse or outdoor as your wedding venue. You will freeze and your guests will leave soon because of the chill. Though it's a good idea if you are planning a day wedding but a very bad idea for the night one. Also, having an outdoor wedding will add on extra cost for the heaters to keep everyone warm around.

#2 Start Your Wedding Planning Soon

Since, it's going to be the peak of wedding season, there are chances that wedding vendors will charge you more, and hotels and banquets halls will get pre-booked. So, remember to start you planning ASAP because of all the seasonal rush.

#3 Lehenga Fabric

The biggest problem all the winter brides face is keeping themselves warm, while you can't do much to fight the chill. But, it is advisable to get your lehenga in silk or velvet as they are warmer fabrics as compared to others. Also, it will give you rich royal look keeping you cosy at the same time.

#4 Make the decor warm!

You can too experiment with lots and lots candles and diyas to give the impression of warm decor. It will not only make the venue bright but also keep it naturally warm and dreamy. 

#5 Pre-book your honeymoon!
Remember to start booking for your honeymoon ASAP or else you will only have to wait or compromise. Since, this is the time for vacations around the world, so the costs of air tickets and hotels are on its peak. 

#6 Hot Chocolates for all!
Keep your guests warm with a hot chocolate station at your wedding. While you and your family are attending to wedding rituals, hot chocolate will help your guests to stay awake and fight the cold with all happy smiles. 

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