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4 Beauty Hacks To Save You From Beauty Emergencies On Your Big Day!


Trust us, in all your wedding emergencies. As we try our best to decode latest wedding fashions and help you smoothly sail out of your wedding planning. With shaddi season almost here, we thought why not help you out with simple beauty tips to save your big day. Thank Us Later!

#1 Zits! OH-NO!

If you got a pre-wedding zit because of anxiety or too much nervousness, then fret no more. Just use a little toothpaste on pimple at night. It will dry out and might even leave a mark which can later be easily covered with a concealer or foundation. 

#2 Chapped lips 

For those who are suffering from peelings or chapped lips because of the winter wedding. Don't worry, here is the trick. Use some good amount of cold cream over your lips and gently scrub away the dry skin, For those with sensitive lips use baby toothbrush to scrub it. After it lipstick will smoothly stay on your lips.

#3 Too much blush!

If your makeup artist use too much blush or bronzer, here is a quick fix that doesn't need you to start over. Simply use a makeup blender sponge on the area with extra blush to erase it. The sponge will absorb all the extra blush without ruining your makeup.

#4 Chipped nails, Uh-oh!

Chipped finger nail, is not only heart-braking but also very painful that too on your biggest day. But here is a simple solution, do carry a nailing tool in your bridal emergency kit. And simply file and shape the chipped nails, also make sure you carry the nail paint that you are wearing. 

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