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7 Tips For An Amazing Dance Perfomance On Your Sangeet Night!


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The one function that we all await eagerly is Sangeet night, from chacha-chachi's thumka to your cousins bollywood moment, we love everything about Sangeet. In midst of all this, we  want to have an unforgetable  first dance holding the hand of our future life. We do crazy dance practice all day long, and believe us this is the time you are going to remember all your life. So, here are some tips and tricks to have the best dance of your life. 

#1 Finalize your Playlist Before!

Don't wait for the last day to check out for the song you are going to perform on. Don't spend hours on finalizing the songs, your family will take out time just to have the practice session, so make sure your playlist is ready. Also, remember to involve only few in the song selection discussion, as too many opinions will spoil the game. 
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#2 Don't stress Over

Baby, relax it's not a Jhalak Dhikla Ja performance which you need to nail it or else you will loose, Enjoy the moment, live it and have fun because you will remember these days all your life. And it's a great way to relax yourself after the hectic shaddi planning. 

#3 Do a dress rehearsal!

If you have selected a heavy lehenga for your sangeet night, remember do practice in it. You need to perfect the twist and turn in those heavy dress, as there is no point practicing in your Pj's. Also, make sure you do a dress rehearsal before the sangeet night.
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#4 Involve everyone!

Just because you want to make your sangeet one memorable event, don't forget to include aunties, uncles and kids too. Let them enjoy and have the fun of their life, after all they too were waiting for this day.

#5 Don't forget to EAT!

Dance practice can drain all your energy, so remember to eat and stay hydrated. Make sure your dance practice venue has proper arrangement of juice, water and healthy food to eat. 
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#6 Plan it well!
Remember to plan your performances smartly, make sure you plan it well in advance, so that it doesn't seem too long or too short for the guests. Include everyone and make them enjoy the process. Don't stress on keeping the steps right. 

#7 Couple Dance!

Make sure you have a well organised couple dance, as it's their special day.
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And make sure to have lots of fun! 

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