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5 Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Before You Say 'I Do'!


Marriages demand lot of commitment, and if you aren’t ready to give your heart and soul to it, you aren’t ready to marry. It’s a bumpy ride with lots of ups and downs. You need to be sure of your partner before you say ‘Yes’. As we all know, nothing hurts more than a failed marriage. So, before you start your happily ever after with your long term partner or the person you just met, discuss your doubts and opinion. Also, make sure to hold your decision till you get the conclusion.

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#1 Be clear with your Future

If you are from nuclear family and know that you can’t adjust in a joint one then get this straight, because no matter how much you try, it won’t be easy settling in. Make sure you discuss this before say yes to him. If your parents are old and need support, take the front seat and discuss your plans with him, make him understand your insecurities and then take the next step.
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#2 Discuss your Finances

In Indian society, most of us ignore this topic and forget getting into the detail. It’s only after marriage that we get to know how things are going to work. You are self-dependent woman; make sure you discuss this topic. Ask will you both have joint account or will go with the separate ones. Who pays the rent/bill etc. all these topics needs to be discuss with patience.
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#3 Kids or not!

Well, it may sound funny to you. Maybe you don’t want them soon, but he wants. So, it’s better to discuss then to get this shock after marriage. Discuss how many kids you want and how soon. And together figure it out. Plus don’t make it a bond, just go with the flow.
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#4 Career bhi important hai!

In all the excitement and nervousness, we almost forget to discuss career. There are chances that your man’s family doesn’t want a working dulhan. So, discuss it before you are ready to tie the knot your work aspirations and all.
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#5 ‘Fashion Talk’

By this we mean, you need to discuss your fashion sense with your man to be, before things take another step. Maybe your husband’s family are not to open to see their daughter-in-law in skirts and western wear and you love it. So, discuss it before and make him understand your choices and all.
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