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7 Makeup Mistake That Can Spoil Your Wedding Day Look! (Note It Down)


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It’s your wedding day; you have to don layers and layers of makeup and look one dotting bride. While, we are sure you are ready to start your makeup soon and want to try lot of things at once. But believe us, this day is not the one to give a try to latest lipstick shade or the false eyelashes look. So, make sure you don’t make these stupid and horrible makeup mistakes on your Wedding Day that you regret later.

#1 The Wrong Colour Foundation
Many of us make this huge mistake of looking like a plastic doll painted in white. It’s your wedding not a competition to look fairer. Choose the right colour foundation according to your skin tone, start searching for it 3 months before your wedding. Book an appointment in advance, and tell the makeup artist to test the foundation on your face and see how it looks in photographs. It’s  tough task, but at least you won’t end up look like a ghost on your wedding day.

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#2 Use Waterproof Mascara/liners
No matter, how many times you say, you are not going to cry. You will end up crying with all the emotional rush down. So, make sure you use waterproof liner and mascara, so that it doesn’t rundown and stays for long hours.

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#3 No! Fake Lashes, Please!
You might think of showing off your beautiful eyes using fake lashes, but believe us, this is not the day to use it. You will cry and the whole lashes will fall off, making you look like a bird. That’s a big mistake and you should always avoid it. It’s better to use mascara on your natural one then to end up with plastic one.

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#4 Too much Concealer
Another mistake most of the brides do is overusing this magic want. Well, just make sure don’t overuse it look like someone else. Just go with the flow because concealers can make all the difference. Also, remember to hide your dark circles under the eyes properly with it, because they show in wedding pictures.

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#5 Rosy Lips!
Lipsticks are really important; it makes your smile more confident, so choose it right. While matte lipsticks on dry lips can look really, really bad and also has the chance of bleeding and leaving marks under your lips. Best option to use it is, after you moisturize your lips. Or select from wide range of creamy lipsticks. Also, don’t go for glossy lipsticks as they don’t last long.

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#6 Breaking Foundations
I have seen it in so many weddings, layers and layers of foundation start breaking when you sit down for the pheras. The best way to avoid this mistake is to ALWAYS use good quality foundation, and if by chance your foundations start breaking, keep the compact handy and use it when needed.

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#7 Heavy Winged liner!
It’s your wedding day not a fashion runway. Don’t go overboard with highlighting your eyes in a wrong way. Don’t opt for heavy lines, go light on it. Being a bride doesn’t mean you glue yourself up with every makeup product. Remember less is more, so minimal makeup will take out your natural beauty.

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