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Finally! Shah Rukh Khan Gave Us Some Insights Of His Friendship With Salman And Aamir!


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Shah Rukh Khan who recently turned 51 on Wednesday, finally revealed a fun fact on his bond with the other two Khans of the industry. Here is what he said in the interview that shows the love and the maturity of their friendship. 
He said, "Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and I have never spoken about superstardom that we have. Sometimes we speak as to how we can make a difference by working together, but that’s just the good things I am telling you. We even talk dirty shit. The other day I was sitting with Salman or rather I just walked in with my son. When I walked towards him, suddenly Salman said ‘We are so lucky! God has given us so much. You know at our age, people are preparing themselves for retirement, but we are really fortunate. Chal let’s have a drink!’ but I realise that when he is saying something like that, it has a strange amount of familiarity that how grateful we are
The Superstar will next be seen in 'Dear Zindagi' which is set to release on 25th November  

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