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Priyanka Chopra's Latest Marathi Song 'Baba' Will Touch Every Soul!


For most of us, our Dad's are this serious being who doesn't cry, hug or express what he really feels. He is a person who comes home late at night all tired and won't tell you how his day was like, but will be ready to help you in the homework you skipped. In short, he is a Superman without a cape.   
While we all know how much Priyanka Chopra our Desi Girl loves her late father and time and again she has always credited him for the success she has achieved. And now she is making sure she pays the tribute to her father in the right way. The gorgeous actress has sung her first Marathi song titled 'Baba' for her latest Marathi production 'Ventilator'. 
No matter you understand the words or not (since it's entirely in Marathi), you all will definitely relate to it on emotional level.

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