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5 Winter Struggles To Make Every Bride Go 'Oh-So-True'!


Winters are here, and so is the wedding season. While, we all love winters, there are few things that makes the weather unbearable. It's pleasant till the time, winds are cool and not chilly, the sun shines bright in the sky, but once the weather takes it toll, things get tougher, and for a bride it gets really difficult. So, here are 5 struggles almost all the winter brides face.

#1 Chapped lips!
Yes! This is the season which leave us with the chapped lips every time we go out. So, for the brides on their wedding trousseau hunt, keep the lip balm handy, if you don't want to avoid the dull lips. 

#2 We eat a lot!
Winter makes us eat a little too much, and we never get satisfied. Result, winter fat not ready for the summer honeymoon. Control the diet!

#3 When you feel the need to layer!
Ah, you feel the need to layer every time you go out even for your own wedding, but can't as you the layering game will ditch you this time.

#4 The bad hair day!
Well, winters always leave us with bad hair day every other day. 

#5 The choodha stuck everytime with your sweat!
Another problem with all the new brides are choodha stucking up with your favourite sweaters. 

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