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6 Skin Friendly Ingredients To Help You Get The Glow Right For Your Wedding Day!


We all want to look our best for any day or night event, but when you are a bride-to-be, the preparations start early. You don't have to just look good and on point but you also need to have the glow right. While you might find different makeup ideas and salons offering best facials and skin treatment, there is nothing better than a home remedies. So, to get you glowing skin, our team had made the list of 6 skin friendly ingredients that are easily available at your home to get the glow right.

#1 Rose Water
Rose water is accepted and loved by everyone and if you are a bride-to-be, do clean your face with a rose water at least twice a day. It will not only remove the dust, but will also help you glow instantly. It cleanses all the dust and skin irritation. So, when in doubt just sprinkle some rose water.
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#2 Banana
Banana is rich in Vitamin A, B and E and hence it nourishes the skin naturally. Also, another best use of banana is to reduce the menstrual cramps, this is a fact less known to all. You can make a mask out of it, to moisturize your dry skin, great way to say bye to the dryness in winters.
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#3 Coconut oil
If you are looking for a formula to make your skin soft, smooth and naturally glowing coconut oil is the best solution. Apply coconut oil after a bath, and say no to dry skin, a great moisturizing ingredient naturally.
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#4 Lemon
Now this one is easily available in your fridge all through the year. So, if you are a winter bride or summer bride it doesn't matter, as lemon is good for you all. It removes the dust from the pores of our skin, removes tanning and even lessens the acne marks.
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#5 Honey
If your moisturizer is finished and you have no time to nourish your skin. Simply go to your kitchen and take out Honey, it's a natural moisturizer for your skin. It will also help toning up your face and get you glowing skin. 
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#6 Milk
This one is a tried and tested method, milk naturally clears your skin and gets you the glow right. It makes your facial skin soft and moisturized. Also, it helps clean up your face saying bye to the marks. You can even drink a glass of milk everyday to get the glow,
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