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OMG! Someone Broke The Rules & Attacked A Fellow Contestant On Bigg Boss 10!


Bigg Boss 10 house is getting violent day by day. Yesterday, during the task after a lot of instigation from Om Swami who kept interfering in the captaincy task despite being out of the race himself, Rohan Mehra lost his cool and slapped him hard. OMG!

During the task of captaincy, Om Swami tried to stop Rohan from entering the Igloo to favor Manu and Manveer, which resulted in Rohan almost getting strangled.  In all this drama Manu lost this task and not Rohan. But, Om Swami decided again to interfere in the next task which was between finalists Manveer and Rohan despite being warned by the housemates. Other house mates tried stopping Swami Om but to no avail which led to Rohan loosing his cool and slapping Om. The slap was ho hard that Om Swami lost his hearing ability and was rushed to hospital. 

Uh-Oh! What do you guys think , did Om Swami deserve what he got??

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