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EXCLUSIVE BB10: Salman Khan Lashes Out At Om Swami And Priyanka Jagga Like Never Before!


Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami has managed in garnering publicity by resorting to cheap public gimmicks every week. The housemates are all already fed up with fake man of god! This week, Om Swami crossed another line of making a disgusting remark on VJ Bani. and Priyanka Jagga also indulged in a disgusting behaviour. Salman did not spare Om Swami as well along with his so called daughter Priyanka Jagga for her cheap behavior in the house.
During the captaincy task between Priyanka and Gaurav, Bani tries to convince Sahil to leave Priyanka’s side and support Gaurav. Om Swami who was supporting Priyanka, out of nowhere made a mean remark that VJ Bani’s mother will die. As Bani heard this, she lost her cool and became extremely furious.  She lashed out at Manveer too as he was continuing to play the game and was supporting Priyanka. She goes on to bang the doors of the house in order to remove her frustration.

Well, not only housemates even Salman Khan has finally lost his temper over Om Swami’s disrespectful behaviour. As people would remember that last weekend, Salman had given warning to Om Swami but it seems that has made no difference to this man who doesn't thnik twice before uttering rubbish from his mouth but when it comes to him,he either says he was acting for camera and entertainment or starts calling himself a 60 year old man!!!

Salman Khan is currently shooting for weekend ka vaar episodes and the first thing he did on the show was to take the case of Om Swami. The Sultan star slammed Om Swami for his disgusting behavior towards Bani. Salman Khan did not spare Om swami and told him that from today he will call him just ‘Om’ as he is not worth giving respect. Now this is a tight slap on Om Swami’s face and we couldn't be happier!

Priyanka Jagga who was brought back into the Bigg Boss 10 as a wild card contestant with a motive that she will create havoc again in the house and she successfully managed to do it. Priyanka had turned a ‘dictator’ traffic police during the luxury budget task “taxi stand” played a dirty game and did a very disgusting thing that left housemates annoyed too. Priyanka Jagga had spat at Rohan after he refused to pay a fine to her. Infact, Lopamudra even lashed out at her saying that she needs to behave herself. Her behavior in the house did not go well with Salman Khan also. Salman Khan lashes out at Priyanka Jagga during the weekend ka vaar.  

Well, it looks like this weekend is going have lots of drama in the house and moreover, can’t wait to watch Salman Khan taking the case of Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga. We are super happy and glad to know these people are being shown their real character by Sallu!

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