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Here's The First Thing What Priyanka Jagga Said After Salman Khan Kicks Her Out Of The BIG Boss 10 House!


For the first time in the history of the reality show Bigg Boss, Host Salman Khan has taken a huge step and kicked out the loud and foul-mouthed Priyanka Jagga Muise. Priyanka who crossed all boundaries in the house to harass other housemates, has walked out of the house. Priyanka fought and talked ill for every contestant throughout the week including Manu's deceased mother. But what she did with Salman Khan was unexpected. She had guts to behave rudely with star host Salman Khan on weekend ka vaar.

Salman Khan started the episode with the worst mood ever. The actor loses his temper after Priyanka Jagga misbehaves and talks rudely with him. While interacting with the contestants, Salman Khan says, “Priyanka Jagga you are one of the most aggressive contestant and also the one who abuses the most on the show” Priyanka reacts back to this and says, “I will do more” This did not go well with Salman Khan and he asked Priyanka Jagga to not talk in such a tone with him. Priyanka resorts to her drama of walking away saying she is also human and wants to go. By this time Salman Khan had enough as never has any contestant walked away from him and so he asks her to leave the house. The Sultan star says, “Do not use this tone with me as this drama will not be tolerated here, please leave my home.” Angry Salman also said that if Colors channel will get Priyanka Jagga in the house again, he will never ever work with the channel in the future. 

Priyanka shouts, cries and walks out of the house but what she did next is quite shocking. After walking out of the house, Priyanka took to her Facebook page and wrote that she is happy to be back home. Not just this, she even went on to comment to one of the users that the show is scripted. 

In Fact, the lady has been receiving flack even from her friends in her status itself. People have been questioning her rude behaviour and the kind of example she is setting for her kids.

Earlier, it was reported that the Delhi girl, who created havoc inside the house, has fallen ill and therefore couldn’t stay on the show anymore, according to her brother Sameer Jagga. Sameer made the revelation in a Facebook post.

In a latter post which has been deleted Sameer’s snide remarks about Salman Khan, who’s hosting the reality show, has given risen to reports of the Sultan star asking Priyanka to quit before the beginning of the Weekend Ka Vaar. In the preview of Saturday’s episode, it was shown that the development was at behest of the show’s host, superstar Salman Khan. Salman, reportedly, was upset with Priyanka for her distasteful comments on Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother. So, when the star spoke to her on the Weekend ka Vaar, Priyanka began arguing with him, which Salman, obviously, did not like. Finally, he asked her to leave the show and she obliged.

Better late than never we say!

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