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BREAKING: Salman Khan Throws Priyanka Jagga Out Of BB10 House


In the latest season of Bigg Boss, contestants Om Swami and Priyanka Jagga’s extreme violent and malevolence behavior has disturbed the house like never before. The two have stooped down to every level in order to give sleepless nights to the housemates. The two use disgusting language and cheap antics in the name of entertainment and TRP.

As we saw in the last episode, despite being ill, Priyanka Jagga left no stone unturned to humiliate Lopamudra Raut by calling her sl*t. This created a huge fight between the two, which made Lopamudra Raut also abuse her in return. Things went too ugly in the house. Priyanka Jagga also made some personal comments on Manu Punjabi’s deceased mother, which was quite unexpected. She kept saying that she is glad all her family members aren't dead but alive and pointed fingers at Manu for having come back to show in just a few days of his mother's demise. She went on to mock others sitting together saying its a "shock sabha" for Manu's mom. Nowe thats mean and disgusting!

Good news is none other than Salman Khan himself asked Priyanka to leave the house before starting the weekend ka vaar episode as he does not want to lose his temper for whatever she has said about other contestants throughout this week. In fact, when Salman Khan started talking, Priyanka started arguing and mumbling thereby disrespecting host Salman.  She even resorted to her drama that salman said wouldn't work in front of him or be entertained by him. The actor wase furious and asked her to leave the BB10 house.

Angry Salman also said that if Colors channel will get Priyanka Jagga in the house again, he will never ever work with the channel in the future. The actor made a very stern statement and going by his tone, we think, he surely means it.

This was surely a much-needed step taken by Salman Khan as the makers kept saving both her and swami om again gain after their supposed eviction. We are very happy and relieved to see her go! What do you guys think??

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