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"I Feel Manu Created Misunderstanding Between Us" Says Monalisa's Boyfriend Vikrant!


Recently, Monalisa's boyfriend Vikrant entered the house to meet her. The proximity between Mona and Manu had already created a lot of buzz both inside and outside the house. After Vikrant's visit to the Bigg Boss home, he spoke to IANS and said,"My experience in the 'Bigg Boss' house was good. I know Mona for eight years and it is not like she has done something out of the blue or has gone out of her nature. She behaves like this but the truth is that it has only been with me. That (in the show) is over friendly Mona Lisa." 

He also added,"I am sure if Mona gets to know all the stuff that Manu said when he was in the secret room, she will walk out (of the relationship). When I met her, she seemed very scared and confused that I have left her, and I feel Manu had a big role to play in creating that misunderstanding."

We have seen Manu change his personality after his comeback in the house , he has said a lot for Manveer and Mona both and doesn't seem to be playing honestly like before. This time around he seems to have come with a strategy to use the emotions of these two people who trust him and trample them and move on the first chance he gets. 
What do you guys think about Manu's changed behavior?? 

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