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Find Out Why Salman Khan Is ANGRY With Bigg Boss 10 Makers!


Salman Khan is not happy the makers of Bigg Boss 10. This weekend Salman Khan got his home made food for the housemates as a special treat from him but it did not happen as expected. According to the BOC Reports, Salman had got home cooked food for the housemates as a treat last week. While, he was interacting with contestants off camera during the weekend episode, Salman asked them if they had the food he sent for them. The housemates seems to be confused and revealed that they did not receive any food. This made Salman very angry on the makers and also questioned them why the food he brought for the contestants was not sent in the house. Salman Khan got angry over his home made food not sent inside the house. He slammed producers and even questioned that why something very important like food was not sent inside for the contestants despite on his orders. Well, Salman Khan is known for his fondness for food and also that of treating others with yummy dishes made at his home. In fact, he does this many times on the sets while shooting for his films


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