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5 Tips To Get Your Eye Makeup Right For Wedding Functions!


Dear brides-to-be,
Getting the right eye makeup and colours that compliments you is one thing and having it right all in places is another. And if you are facing problems like smudged kajal or uneven lines, then read on as we will help you to do your eye makeup right. Scroll down and shine on!

#1 Clean your eyes!
Before you start doing your eye makeup, make sure you clean your skin and eyelids to have a clean area to work on.
#2 Primer
Primer is important for eyes to have a smooth area to line your lines. You need to use the right base to create a long lasting eyeshadow that's spread evenly on your eyes. 
#3 Curl on!
Don't forget or skip curling your lashes as it open up the eyes and make it look bigger and more beautiful. Also, it will make your mascara look more pretty and on point.
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#4 Shape your brows
While you might think your brows are already in shape, but no, you need to groom it every time you do your eye makeup. Brushing it, makes it look neat and well groomed.You can also use brow gel or highlighter if you want to.
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#5 Powder to for pretty lashes!
The on tried and tested  trick to have a long lasting eye makeup is to use translucent powder between the coats. After you have applied your first coat of mascara, dust some powder on it, then apply the second coat. This trick will add volume and length.
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