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7 Pretty New Ways To Decorate Your Chair & Make Your Wedding A Fairytale Affair!


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Well, in India, the most overlooked shaddi preparation is decorating the wedding venue in a right way. Not all of us want ta very high-end, big fat Indian wedding. These days couple are opting for a closed ceremony with loved ones, and calling in decorators to make their wedding venue into a magical land. So, here is one of the most important detail that can make your wedding a memorable affair by simply decorating your chairs the right way. 
Wait before you ask your decorator to wrap the chains with any random cloth!

The Chair Decoration
If you want to make your wedding trendy, then scroll down as we tell you ways to add some fun in your chair decor. Though it's the smallest detail we often overlook, but it does plays an important role and can turn your wedding into a instant hit. You can decorate the couple chair in some pretty ribbons and tags stating their love out loud. 
You can ask your decorator for some gold finish chair or rustic chairs, to make your wedding more pretty.

How to Decorate it?
If you want a pretty wedding decor, then don't opt for those heavy chairs with the same old cloth, instead opt for lightweight metal chairs and decorate using laces, net dupattas, flower bouquets and anything of your choice.

#1 The Ribbon decor
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#2 The net dupattas
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#3 Woven Chairs
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#4 The customized chair decor!
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#5  The Side bow knot!
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#6 The Pearl Strings!
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#7 The gajra decor
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